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17.8.2010, 3:16 AM


Last day of summer

I'd like to do a few things in this post, starting with thanking whoever is reading this. We're up to an average of 14 readers per day. Which is, as Nara would say, AWESOME. 

Schedule Change:

Monday and Thursday! We'll try to keep this one, but no promises. Just trying to find one that works for both Nara and me. 


Back to school:

Nara and I have school. Along with marching band. And other geekish stuff. So sorry in advance, but we're going to miss a few updates here and there, (yay, fillers!)  


Contact us:

We love to hear from people, wether it's suggestions, comments, or just saying hi. Leave a comment or email us at:


14.8.2010, 5:08 AM


Schedule? What Schedule?

Sorry, guys. We're late on yesterday's update. There will be a change in the schedule to get ready for school starting Wednesday. 


But on the bright side, it'll mean we have to change the banner. Hopefully this one will look better. 

7.8.2010, 8:52 AM


Page 2

Page 2 is up, fully colored.

Next time I'll letter on the computer, not by hand.

5.8.2010, 11:42 AM



So, I started a comic!


But then had band camp.

Not so yay.

So, free time has been less than hoped for.


We're all working hard to stay on (some sort of) schedule!


-Leiko X

31.7.2010, 11:17 AM


First Blog Post!

This is the first blog post!!!!

We have no pages posted yet, but we plan to have the first strip (the title page) up any day now! 

Wish us luck.


-Leiko X (artist and author)